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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Writing This So I Won’t Get Fined

In 2008 the Patriots lost to the awful Giants in Super Bowl XLII in Arizona when David Tyree reeled in an improbable catch from the luckiest QB of all time, Eli the Interception Manning. (Eli unlike his brother plays exceptionally well in the postseason.)

That year I missed seeing fellow Michigan alum Tom Brady almost complete the greatest season of all time since I was in Rio celebrating Carnaval.

This year the Superbowl has returned to the Valley of the Sun and once again I will not be in town for the game. But, as was the tradition for the World Cup, ThePointsOfLife brings you a preview and prediction of what’s to come this Sunday since I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about Jaws watching the tape from every throw that Russell Wilson has made.

Here is the official breakdown: 

Caroll vs. Belichick

After the invincible Saban lost to Meyer it became open season for larger than life coaches like Belichick. Caroll is not intimidated by Belichick’s stature and will come at him with everything.

Edge: Caroll

Wilson vs. Brady

Wilson had a horrendous QB rating last week and I don’t see his receivers giving him much help against the Pats decent defense.

Edge: Brady

Lynch vs. Blount

Though Lynch is the baddest man to run the ball since my main man Thurman Thomas, his effectiveness could be neutralized if the Hawks fall behind early.

Edge: Lynch on paper 

Legion of Boom vs. Revis and whoever else is back there.

The legion is beat up: Thomas’s shoulder and big talker’s elbow not to mention Chancellor’s knee injury.

With Richard Sherman not at 100 percent and the others with nicks and bruises look for the Gronk to come off free across the middle with no one healthy enough to stop him for 60 minutes.

Edge: Old man Revis

Hawks WRs (who are they) vs. Edelman

Edelman knows if he has a Wes Welker drop he’ll be dropped from the team. I’m sure he’s sick of the comparisons.

Edge: Edelman 

Special Teams

Historically the Pats have been clutch in the kicking game in past Super Bowls. Second, let’s say it comes down to an onside kick, what are the odds the Hawks recover again? Also, where’s Percy Harvin?

Edge: Pats

So who wins?

Lynch is the linchpin to the Hawks success but I’m afraid that Beast Mode won’t be making an appearance because he won’t get enough touches in the game due to Wilson’s poor QB play and the intensity of Mr. Brady. This will lead to the improbable Blount capturing the MVP.

Final Score: NE 24 Seattle 16

How’s this post relevant to points? Flights to Arizona are a tad steep this weekend and hotels for those wise enough to book them months in advance were still costly. For me there’s no better use of points than seeing the spectacle of a world championship in any sport whether it be the World Cupthe Final Four, or this year’s Super Bowl.




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