Thursday, January 19, 2017

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The Uber China App Workaround

Simply The Best: TPOL in 2016

It's now the year of the rooster which does not bode well for those of us born in 1982. Instead of worrying about the...

$150 Redeposit Fee? Delta’s Computers Don’t Know The Cancellation Policy

So there I was, excited that my Delta reservation to Kilimanjaro in business was finally confirmed. After months of trying, I thought I finally...

Guns & Butter: Kota Kinabalu Travel Guide

TPOL has a travel philosophy whereby I do not stay in a country for more than four days but will stay for a minimum of three. Too little time and I can't see anything. Too much time and I do even less because I become complacent. Generally, this approach works.

Points News

$150 Redeposit Fee? Delta’s Computers Don’t Know The Cancellation Policy

So there I was, excited that my Delta reservation to Kilimanjaro in business was finally confirmed. After months of trying, I thought I finally...

Chase Sapphire Reserve: Rejected Again

My friend was approved for the CSR after previously being rejected. Since yesterday was the last day of the 100k sign up bonus, I...

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TPOL’s CFB Playoff Selection

Let the madness ensue. Tomorrow Condaleeza Rice and other randoms tell us who the top four teams in college football are. Let's start with who should be...

Do Not Disturb: Why Is The Sign Required?

I am leaving Michigan for the Wild West in the back of another Delta flight after a hectic Thanksgiving and a lot of driving....


Mt. Kilimanjaro Trip Planning: Delta’s Crazy Points Pricing

Imaginary trip planning is my favorite hobby. It starts innocently enough with the question, "Where should we go next?" Inquisitive, I start looking at...


Grand Hyatt DC And My Unintended $80 Wine Bill

Two weeks ago I was in DC for BACON, a great experience where I had the chance to meet blogging celebrities. Trying to hang...

Credit Cards

2016: What I Spent (And Received) in Annual Fees

Another year has gone by and more fees have been paid. For the most part, I did just fine in maximizing the value of the...


Louis Tavern Lounge Bangkok: Another Priority Pass Miss

Not every lounge is going to be Cathay Pacific's The Pier or The Wing. Some are going to be as extravagant as a Greyhound bus station. The Louis Tavern Bangkok is one of those misses.

Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok: Night Golf!

Too lazy to go out in Bangkok, I booked a room at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi which is conveniently located next to the airport. With less than 10 hours before my flight to Jakarta, I just needed a place to lay my head.

Cathay A350 HKG-BKK: I Miss First Already 

I am currently sitting in seat 58J from Guangzhou to Bangkok next to a guy who keeps taking selfies. A week ago I was...

​The Pier Vs. The Wing: Battle of Cathay’s First Class Lounges 

Disclaimer: I reviewed The Wing when I was moving out of the nightmare that was Mongolia. Although I visited both lounges this past trip,...

Cathay First YVR-HKG: The Next Episode

And there I was in Vancouver, Canada, former home to the infamous winger Todd Bertuzzi. The Canucks is what comes to mind when I...

Cathay First JFK-HKG: Part 1 to Vancouver 

​I'm reminded of wise words a stranger once told me, "Don't fly direct on Cathay Pacific from JFK, take the scenic route through Vancouver."...


While visiting the Guangzhou International Financial, I stumbled upon Pho Kim Saigon. I rationalized another culturally insensitive meal as something I had to do for the blog. As I was flipping through the menu, something caught my eye.

Travel Advice

The Uber China App Workaround

Each time I go to China, I am reminded of Al Pacino's speech from Any Given Sunday. "You know when you get old in life things get taken from you. That's, that's part of life." Each time I visit China, something also gets taken from me.

Uber Motorbike Jakarta! What Could’ve Been A Great Story

I rationalize doing many things 'for the blog'. Caviar and vodka tour in Russia? For the blog. Impromptu trip to Abu Dhabi? For the...

VPN: A Necessary Hotel Amenity in China 

TPOL was blocked in China! I've been trying to publish reviews as quickly as possible because I won't do it when I get home. The...

Thai Uber Asks For Gas Money

I usually include a Getting There section before my hotel review because hotel websites don't bother including this information unless you want to take...

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