Friday, March 24, 2017

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Training for The Tropics: I Quit

Bill Pay Sundays: Every Sunday, TPOL peddles for money by promoting products that I use and recommend to my readers. In exchange, I get...

Hi Globalist! Where Are You Redeeming Your Free Night?

I was suffering from pre booking stress disorder. After receiving my Globalist card in the mail which is now framed over the fireplace, I started...

World Baseball Classic Guadalajara: Beer Detour

The highlight of my trip to Guadalajara was The World Baseball Classic between Italy and Mexico. After the adventure getting the tickets, I wanted to...

Points News

Revealed: An Insane Use of The United ‘Free’ One way (Part...

I've called my next trip report The South America, Europe, Africa Heist. Allow me to explain why. Initially, I tried to book a flight...

Alaska Business Approved! When Recon Calls You

The 866 number showed up on my caller ID. I figured it was a lonely telemarketer so I answered. Instead, it was an analyst...

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I’m Not Tipping Uber Either!

The Madness of March has made its way to blog comments. Some of the reactions to fellow BA blogger, Angelina's post Uber Driver Tip-Hustling Schemes...

TPOL’s NCAA Bracket: Shocking Who I Picked

Last year I picked Villanova but didn't post it ahead of time because I have had a track record of being a perennial loser...

​Trump’s New Travel Ban: My Family Can Now Travel 

I used to joke about Traveling While Arab. I can share many stories about when I was 'randomly searched'. I never thought that being profiled...


Preview: RTW Ticket Booked SA & Africa!

My dear friends, I am too tired to write how I booked this absurd reservation to South America, onward to Africa, and back to...


Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2016

Happy Festivus! Festivus 2016 is just as cathartic as it was in 2015. It's been a good year for TPOL but let me tell you all...

Credit Cards

Keep Vs. Cancel: The Club Carlson Twins

The time has come to keep or cancel my Club Carlson cards. We know the glory days of these cards are over so it's...


Delta Sky Club JFK: Hot Dog Eating Contest 

Fat man at the lounge strikes again! As does another lounge venue for a TPOL food eating contest.   I arrived late to the airport today...

Oman Air Lounge Bangkok: Hummus & Hennessy

Recall 2pac's lyrics where he boasts about riding on his enemies, drinking Hennessy, and eating hummus. That was my experience at the smartly appointed Oman Air Lounge Bangkok.

Premium Lounge Guangzhou: Not Yuck, Not Great

God bless Priority Pass Lounges. When they are good (see ATL, Athens, Gatwick) they can't stack up to the likes of Cathay's The Wing or Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai. When they are terrible, they are victims of my contempt (see Priority Pass Lounge Jakarta and Mexico City).

Park Hyatt Guangzhou: The Sweet Upgrade

There are Park Hyatts and then there are Park Hyatts. Unlike the Park Hyatt Melbourne or the Park Hyatt Toronto, the Park Hyatt Guangzhou falls into the latter category. Situated in the business district of Guangzhou, the Park Hyatt Guangzhou is one of the best Park Hyatts in the collection.

Grand Hyatt Guangzhou: It’s Great to Be Grand

Welcome to the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, an impressive hotel with great customer service, a beautiful room, and an overwhelming breakfast. But for my stay at the Park Hyatt Guangzhou, I would recommend making this your home when you visit Guangzhou.

Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu vs. The Hyatt Regency

What's a vacation without switching hotels every day? Looking to requalify for Hyatt Diamond, I switched to Le Meridien for one night and am glad that I did.


While visiting the Guangzhou International Financial, I stumbled upon Pho Kim Saigon. I rationalized another culturally insensitive meal as something I had to do for the blog. As I was flipping through the menu, something caught my eye.

Travel Advice

Surabaya, Indonesia: Home Sweet Home? Vote Now

Voting is underway for where TPOL should move in December. Wherever readers say I should go, I will go. Each week I’ll feature two...

It’s Not Kuta, But Should I Live in Bali? Vote Today

Voting is underway for where TPOL should move in December. Wherever readers say I should go, I will go. Each week I’ll feature two...

The Best Bracket Bet: Loser Flies Coach Long-Long Haul

Today, I released TPOL's winning bracket for the NCAA tournament. I picked Michigan to win it all because I think they're on a special...

Barranquilla, Colombia Is The Worst Place to Live? Vote Now

Voting is underway for where TPOL should move in December. Wherever readers say I should go, I will go. Each week I’ll feature two...

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