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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Born Into Points: Disney Vacation Club

Today while on the Disney Bus to Animal Kingdom, I had an eye-opening experience when I heard older people talking points. They were my parents’ age and were embracing the idea of points for stays at hotels throughout the world. This was a strange encounter as my parents do not get nor do they support my points hobby.

Ever interested, I listened intently to try and figure out what made these people different from my parents. Then it hit me; these were not points churners. These were members of Disney’s Vacation Club, a points scheme invented by Mickey so families could come to Disney somewhat affordably year after year.

My parents signed up for Vacation Club in the 90s and still come to visit even though my sisters and I are somewhat all grown up. Indeed, many of my fondest memories are coming to Orlando for spring break before heading off to college.

As I sat and listened to discussions of ‘banking points’ and using points to go to Hawaii, I wondered why my parents would endorse this program that cost money to join and requires yearly dues with similar attention to detail needed to maximize membership benefits versus churning cards and paying annual fees.

In my opinion, the points game is far more flexible with where you can go and how you can get there. And with MS the costs associated with pursuing the hobby are much more reasonable.

As I was leaving the bus, I heard a Vacation Club member use the word ‘aspirational’ to describe a Vacation Club property they hoped to visit.

Perhaps points churns and Vacation Club members aren’t so different after all. Perhaps someone could tell my parents the same.

The points eye opening experience.
The points eye opening experience.

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