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Monday, July 22, 2024
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W Disney: Wherever, Whenever

OK, so there isn’t a W Disney but how funny would it be if that was the name of a hotel here. Instead, this is a quick commentary of Disney hotels in general whose prices are astronomical and subpar guest services.

I haven’t been to Disney in a decade but I do not recall everything being so expensive. Today at SPG’s Walt Disney Swan property, my dad was duped into paying $20 for 3 hours of parking. When did Disney start charging for parking?

A burger with fries at the resort? Also $20. The cost of hotels is so steep that the only magic left in the 407 is when a family of four pulls off a day at the park with the kids with money left for food. The cost of admission for Epcot and the like are right around $100 with a nominal discount of $4 for kids age 3-9.

For these outrageous prices, maybe it’s better to take the kids to Las Vegas, at least then the parents stand a chance of breaking even.




  1. In my younger days, I drove into IL on a Sunday afternoon for beer. Spotted some carnival rides from the interstate and decided to check things out. Once there, it seemed like there was gambling at every booth. Suddenly two or three men begin running with a crowd of people on their tails. Back then, usually the locals went to the Eagle or VFW halls and played the one arm bandits in a hidden backroom.

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