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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Breaking 90: Week 0: User Error

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Breaking 90, Week 0 is part of the TPOL to LIV PGA Trip Report (read the Introduction Inspiration).

Back in Puerto Rico, I have resumed my quest to go from worst to first. Last week counted as week 0 because it was spent figuring out how to put together the hitting net (The Rukket training net costs $320 and is available here). In the company’s setup video it took minutes to be ‘ready to play.. As someone who struggled putting together IKEA furniture, I knew that I would have issues with the setup.

Here’s what happened: At precisely 8 PM, I went to the grass near the tennis courts and unloaded the equipment under the bright flood lights. I began following the directions and was making incremental progress. All of a sudden I was bit by fire ants. As I was trying to scrape them off my hands and legs, the power went out in the entire community. That was followed by the sound of stray dogs howling nearby. Discombobulated, I threw all of the equipment back into my car and drove off. My first attempt was a funny failure.

a black and red bag on grass
Ready to play?
a grass field with a light on it
PR power says no

On my second attempt, Puerto Rico’s fragile power stayed on and the ants kept their distance. While there wasn’t any outside interference, I still struggled to put together the net. Things weren’t locking into place and I began to wonder 1) How can I be so bad at assembly? 2) When will the power go out again so I can leave under the cover of darkness? Fortunately, Ms. TPOL saw the error in my ways and showed me what I was doing wrong. One hour later, I was ‘ready to play.’

a black object on grass
Started off well
a net on a grass field
Got stuck.

Hitting into a net is a weird experience. I was scared of standing too close as my club would end up hitting the net. I thought I was far enough away until I used my SW to hit a ball over the net and into the tennis court. After some disappointing numbers from my stellar MLM2Pro launch monitor (on sale for $699), I was ready to go home. The next challenge was deconstructing the hitting net. Luckily, that did not take one hour to do. My second attempt was a slight success.

a man standing on a grass field with a net and a pole
Then this swing.

On my third attempt, I clocked my setup at 13 minutes. I was reassured that the hitting net was a wise purchase and that I was on my way to golf domination. The next problem I face had nothing to do with my training equipment and everything to do with my ability or lack thereof. Each time I fired away, the launch monitor would say ‘distance 80 yards.’ If this was a half-swing with my SW, perhaps I would be happy. The problem is that these were full swings with my 7-iron.

a screenshot of a device

Frustrated, I took one last crack at it. The ball sliced wide left of the net, over the road, and onto the fairway of the pitch-black River Course. Judging by this image, I have concluded that the launch monitor is, dead-on balls, accurate. Third attempt = Fore!

a person in a red shirt and shorts

Saturday came and I decided to play a full round. Something strange happened. With an open field and no trepidation of hitting the net with my club and no fear that the ball would ricochet back in my face, I was making great contact. It was a welcome sight. Unfortunately, I was three to four putting everything, something that never happens.

Week 0 is over.



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