Why Can’t Chase Alerts Specify the Account!


Yesterday was Amex (see Amex Website Goes from Bad to Worse), today it’s Chase. Here’s a screenshot for my latest gripe. 

While this was good news, I had no idea what dispute Chase was talking about. It doesn’t specify the date, it doesn’t specify the merchant, and most importantly, it doesn’t specify which Chase card I used. I went to Chase.com and thought the info would also be in the secure message center. It was not.

On a scavenger hunt, I went to documents and statements and found a list of my accounts. It includes these:

And these: 

There were no labels stating which card was which, and unless you’re a Rain Main, you probably don’t have the last four of all your credit cards memorized. It took some clicking, but I eventually found the approved chargeback. I disputed it way back in May when I moved to Puerto Rico. (It was for the driving range at the Continental Golf Course in Scottsdale. $36 a month for unlimited balls is a great deal, but their system kept billing me even after I cancelled.)

Why does Chase make it so difficult? Clearly, there’s an easier way to convey good news.

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