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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Citi Premier Rejection for Being Too Good at Life

I hate but understand 5/24 and currently I am under it. What I don’t understand is why Citi rejected me for the Premier card. Here are the reasons given:

  • Your credit report shows a high amount of unused credit compared to your available credit lines.
  • Your credit report shows too many bank or national revolving accounts.

I called recon and it wasn’t like the old days. I was told that nothing could be done. The rep stated contradictory reasons that gave me no hope that I will be approved in the future. On the one hand, I have too much available credit, and on the other hand I was told that I close cards too frequently. Am I supposed to call each bank and lower my credit line for existing accounts? Perhaps that would alleviate concern #1. But concern #2 and the reason listed in the rejection letter are polar opposites.

I am stuck with 240k TY points that can’t be used until Citi sees the good in me.

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  1. Don’t despair. Player 2 applied and was rejected in November. Tried again and was approved in July. The only meaningful change I can think of is that a Citi checking account was open.

  2. It’s so odd. I got the same rejection earlier this year. I’m not sure what their goal is here. Do they think they are tons of people carrying large balances trying to apply for a premium travel card? Maybe I’ll try lowering some credit limits before I try applying again in the future

  3. Citi is weird like that – they encourage you to get CCs by heavy advertisement and they also advise not to carry too much balance – and then they reject for applying and no balances!!!

  4. It was inevitable. I’m just surprised it took banks this long to clamp down on those of us who are obviously just getting all these credit cards for the quick miles/points bonus fix and moving on. Repeatedly. Looks like they’re all on the same page now identifying the churners (which isn’t hard) and shutting us down. Having good credit records/scores doesn’t matter most of the time anymore if they see lots of new/open accounts that normal people don’t have. Just smart/good business. Like I said, just surprised it took some banks to tighten up. The days of collecting millions of points/miles from banks like taking candy from a baby are over. They wised up.

  5. Given the “I was told that I close cards too frequently” reason do you churn much, both with Citi and in general? Also, do you use their cards much on a regular basis?

  6. I received the same two reasons when I applied on Sept 18, 2022 with credit score of 800+. Only 1 new credit card opened in my name in last 2 years, and 1 added as an authorized user by my wife in last 1 year. I tried the reconsideration line, but no use, they said (quite rudely) the same reasons. Then I went to the local Citi branch, and talked to the manager, showed her all my balances across cards/banks etc and she filed for an appeal. She said to wait for 10 business days. So, even though after she filed the appeal and they again immediately sent another letter stating they have rejected the appeal, after 10 days it got approved (she told me to ignore the letter I got from bank as it is auto-generated), it will take up to 10 business days for a human analyst to manually look up the appeal application and make a decision. Finally it got approved around after 10 business days of the appeal.

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