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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Do I need to comment? Brazil is synonymous with celebration

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us and I am ready to go. Whether I actually do is another topic altogether. The World Cup highlights the best things in life and therefore encapsulates the whole idea behind ThePointsOfLife.

I will show how my blog is unique section by section, using the World Cup to hit all categories.

1. Points

That word either intrigues you or turns you off to the site. Points lovers and points haters both have expressed the viewpoint that there needs to be more or less emphasis on points in ThePointsOfLife.

As a pointsoholic, I say to the lovers, your wish is my command but caution, as I have always done, that points travel is only Step 1. To the haters, I plead please read the post Living Doesn’t Have to Suck: 5 Myths About Earning Points. In all seriousness, apply for a couple of cards, take one business class flight for free, and if you’re not hooked, I’ll refund you your time. If that doesn’t convince you, skip this section and move on to the rest, guaranteed to be points free.

So what’s the relationship between points and the World Cup? Simple, the World Cup will cost thousands of dollars to attend and flying to Brazil will certainly not be cheap. Furthermore, the World Cup is held in various cities throughout the giant country of Brazil so flying around the country to visit various stadiums will be a big expense.

rio 2
rio miles
Or Points?

How can anyone argue with $2.50 versus ($1420 + $2.50)!

2. The Pulse

The World Cup is an international celebration where everyone is united by their love of the beautiful game. By attending, you get to interact with people from all over the world while enjoying the offerings of the host country.

And what country has a richer country than Brazil? The beaches, the food, and of course, Carnaval, make Brazil one of the best places to visit. Add in World Cup competition and it may be a bit overwhelming.

Also, did you know that Brazil has the second highest population of Japanese people outside of Japan?

Carnaval Street Parade: Copacabana
Brasil (893)
Christ the Redeemer
Brasil (950)
Sugarloaf Mountain

3. Travel Advice

Everyone knows about Copacabana and Ipanema but it is worth leaving Rio for a few days to explore the hidden beaches of Buzios.

Brasil (478)

Brasil (594)
Buggy sold separately

4. Drink

One word: Caipirinha. This is the drink of choice on a hot summer day in Brazil and is freshly prepared at the right price. Two of Rio’s famous beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema. Ipanema is regarded as more upscale so, if my memory serves me correctly, they charge $3 instead of $2 for this unrivaled cocktail.

Brasil (388)

Made fresh on the beach

5. Food

Brasil (718)
Arabic food in Ipanema

From the beach vendors, to the Garota de Ipanema (the restaurant where the Girl of Ipanema was written), food is not in short supply. It is inexpensive and it is delicious. Go to Bob’s Burgers if you want to be an uncultured tourist and have some junk food- always allowed once a trip.

Brasil (697)


the best grilled cheese

Brasil (638)

6. Pho?

Haha, did not get a chance to try it. I welcome a reader’s review.

7.  Sport

Obviously, the reason you are going to Brazil in the first place. It will be interesting to see how Brazil handles the record number of people in regards to the security concerns.

I have never been to a match in Brazil but did go to a regular season game in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The hotel recommended that we buy tickets through their vendor and we were escorted via private security at the stadium to avoid the hooligans.

I’m skeptical if security was necessary but the fact that visiting fans are not allowed to attend games made me think twice about not having it.

Brasil (886)
Marcana Stadium Rio: Capacity 96,000

8. Party

Do I need to comment? Brazil is synonymous with celebration.

Brasil (64)
Carnaval 2008

Brasil (67)


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