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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Due/Do Today: Marriott Titanium Elite Selection

It’s that time of year again. The time when I question why I still try to qualify for Marriott and how I will do so this year. It’s also the time I hope that QAnon will be right and SPG will be restored. Conspiracy aside, today is the day to pick my Marriott Titanium annual choice benefits.

For the first 50 night choice, there is no debate. Taking the 5 suite upgrade is the way to go, though every year I hoard these upgrades for a magical use that never takes place. Last year I used two awards to stay at the boring JW Marriott Bogota (see My Father Would Stay Here). For the 75 night choice, I was impressed that one free night worth up to 40k points was offered. While I hoard my points for the second coming of SPG, I have no issue burning the free night certificates and usually come away with a great redemption (see Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong: New Year’s Cert Rescue Story).

You must choose today or it will default to what you selected last year. What will you choose? And will anyone be having this conversation next year, or is it time to finally let go of Marriott?

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Hong Kong is not happening this year.


  1. I’m Ambassador and an questioning if going for platnium this year is even worth it. I have had 0 upgrades for status and only 2 of my suite night awards have actually cleared in the past year (I had 15)

  2. I’m a lifetime Bonvoy Platinum and the biggest value to me was free breakfast (when it was offered pre-Covid!) and luckily I don’t have to requalify anymore, so it is low friction. I take the suite upgrades as my annual gift, but as you say, it is very difficult to use them, or if you can, get much value (upgraded rooms aren’t great). I’ve started to use other brands more now, just because the Bonvoy Platinum free breakfasts aren’t offered or are very limited, so Marriott isn’t driving the loyalty behavior they want by watering down all these benefits.

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