Simply The Best: TPOL in 2021


Happy New Year from your former favorite travel blogger and former world explorer. Here are the top posts from the year and one selected post per month:

Simply The Best: January 2021

Simply The Best: February 2021

Here is the inaugural flight. Be sure to adjust the settings to 4k to see how crisp the video is. Then follow TPOL on YouTube.

Simply The Best: March 2021

Simply The Best: April 2021

Simply The Best: May 2021

Simply The Best: June 2021

Simply The Best: July 2021

Simply The Best & Worst: August 2021

  • COVID Test for Return Travel Is Stupid

    I wrote “Describe Trump’s Travel Ban: It’s Stupid.” Today I use the word stupid again to describe the US’s requirement that travelers returning from abroad need to present a negative COVID test taken no more than 72 hours from the date of travel.

Simply The Best: September 2021

Simply The Best: October 2021

  • TPOL Is Out of the Office

    TPOL is out of the office through October. If you do not see daily posts as is required, I am either in quarantine dealing with a breakthrough infection, or having a great time.

Simply The Best: November 2021

Simply The Best: December 2021

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