Simply The Best: January 2021


January is done. Nothing has changed, just more awesome blog posts from the best blogger in the universe. Here were the top posts from last month.

  1. Are You Guilty of Traveling Under the Social Influence?

    Please take note of this PSA and stop traveling under the social influence.
  2. Behind the Scenes: TPOL’s Interview with Richard Quest

    TPOL needs to be on TV more often. Contact your local TV provider and say you want more of TPOL and Quest.
  3. Radisson Sonya St. Petersburg: KGB? A Sauna In My Room? TPOL on TV?

    I’ve stayed in some interesting hotels in my life. This one was by far the strangest.
  4. 2022: The Year of Status

    I originally thought that international travel would be possible in November of last year. Then I moved my prediction to spring of this year. Now I’m thinking it won’t be until October. But once it happens, I will have the status needed to enjoy it fully.
  5. Instant Pho? En Casa Costco Pho Review

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t left the house in years, but I was very impressed with instant pho.
  6. 2020: What I Spent (And Received) in Annual Fees

    In total, I spent $744.
  7. Simply The Best (And Worst): TPOL in 2020

    2020. Need I say more?

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