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Monday, July 22, 2024
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W St. Petersburg: Vivid Veuve Memories

W St Petersburg is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

The W St Petersburg is now the SO Sofitel. But that wasn’t always the case. It used to be a W, a brand that I love to hate, but can’t help to stay (see The W Scottsdale: Too Cool to Care & The W Hollywood: Unwelcome Even on Your Birthday). What makes W a W? Indifferent service of course. That impersonal, inconsistent treatment was on full display at the W St. Petersburg. On the one hand, I was given a great suite. On the other, I was refused late checkout.

a sign on a wall

a man standing in front of a wall with black letters
Mood when I arrived
a man standing in front of a wall with black text
Mood five minutes later

From the Outside

Unlike the W Barcelona, this W was hidden among the beautiful buildings of St. Petersburg.

a street with cars parked on it

a yellow building with cars parked on the side

a building with many windows

a sign on a building

To the Inside

Say what you will about the cold treatment at W Hotels, there’s still a buzz in their eclectic lobbies.

a wall with fish on it

a group of plastic fish from a glass wall

a room with a glass wall and a table and chairs

a glass wall with a window with a bar and chairs

a room with a fireplace and a fireplace and a couple of people sitting

a shelf with glass shelves and objects on it

a shelf with books and candles

a sculpture on a shelf next to a fireplace

a couch with pillows in a room


Though I was not treated like royalty at the front desk, I was treated like a celebrity at the rooftop patio. From vodka tasting to champagne, I soon remembered why I enjoy the W brand.

a rooftops of a city with trees and a large building

a building with a dome on top

a bicycle with a basket on a stand

a couch with pillows and blankets on it

a room with tables and chairs

a wooden table and chairs on a patio

a man standing behind a bar

a group of bottles of alcohol

a bottle of alcohol on a table

a couple of bottles of alcohol

two bottles of alcohol and a plate of lemons on a bar

TPOL’s TIP: Check out Grand Hotel Europe St. Petersburg: Vodka + Caviar + Birthplace of Beef Stroganoff for more vodka tasting.


In better spirits (pun intended), I walked into my unique suite.

a room with a black door

a living room with a couch and a tv

a pink couch in a room

a red chair and white shelves

a table with chairs and a phone

a shelf with a coffee machine and cups on it

a cookie in a plastic bag

The Bedroom

I used to own a W mattress. While I prefer my Sealy hybrid, W beds are also great.

a room with a couch and a lamp

a tv on a stand

a tv in a room

a bed with white sheets and a black pillow

a bed with a mirror and a mirror above it

a bed with a purple blanket and a gold wall

a bed with a round table and a gold ball from the ceiling

a gold ball with flowers on it

The Bathroom

W is no longer in St. Petersburg and my favorite soaps from Bliss are no longer with W.

a bathroom with a sink and a mirror

a bathroom sink with white towels on the wall

a shower head and shower head in a bathroom

a shower head in a bathroom

a bathtub with a towel and faucet

a group of personal care products on a white plate

a group of bottles of shampoo

a couple of bottles with labels on top of them

a toilet and bidet in a bathroom
When in Europe…

a white robe on a swinger in a dressing room


The view was much better than the Radisson Sauna which was allegedly across the street from KGB HQ.

a building with a dome on top

a building with cars parked on the side of it

a view of a building from a window


The breakfast was far from average. I was surprised by the selection.

a group of chefs in a kitchen
And he was surprised that I would take pictures of him making breakfast.

a room with tables and chairs and people

a table with fruit and juices

a group of glasses and pitcher of orange juice on a table

a table with food on it

a table with different types of food

a couple of plates of food

a group of pastries on a table

a plate of food and a glass of juice

a plate of food with sausages and potatoes


I leave you with a welcome gift from W and a note with words that are never more.

a bowl of fruit and a note on a table


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