Editor’s Day 2022: 5 Years And Counting


I was gone the whole month of September (see Welcome Back: Where Have I Been?). This did not go unnoticed by my editor, cliffordbarnabus, who has now been with me for 5 years.

Five years marks the longest time that anyone has continuously worked with me, with the previous recording holding firm at one month. As I wrote last year, I have yet to meet this person (see Zero Attrition: Editor’s Day 2021). Maybe next year.

Happy Editor’s Day!


  1. You might have started blogging 8 years ago, but you conveniently forget the 2 years of zero content (now obviously being made up for with these ridiculous 2 paragraph posts) while you hiding from covid like a ninny.

    • Completely untrue. I blogged more during Covid because I was catching up on my trip reports. Ninny? I suspect you’ve been nowhere besides your trash talking basement. Get better facts then comment

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