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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Hong Kong to Shenzhen: An Easy Trip on the Train

The Getting to Hong Kong from Shenzhen Transport Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Shenzhen? When I lived in Shanghai years ago, the cheapest way to go on a visa run was to take a flight to Shenzhen and then a bus to Hong Kong. This time, I was traveling to Shenzhen from Hong Kong for an impromptu trip to one of China’s biggest cities and one of the best hotels, The St. Regis Shenzhen.

MTR & Train 

The easiest option was right outside my door at the mediocre Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. The directions are simple:

  • Enter TST MTR Station
  • Pay 42 HKD to Lo WU
  • Take the line to Hung Hom
  • Take the East Line to Lo Wu
  • 40 minutes later you’ll be in a different world.

2017-01-03 14.49.05 2017-01-03 14.56.16 2017-01-03 15.06.57 2017-01-03 15.12.28 2017-01-03 15.56.19 2017-01-03 16.00.22 2017-01-03 16.02.44 2017-01-03 16.24.00Detour: Luohu Commercial Center

After clearing customs, you’ll find yourself at the Luohu Commercial Center, a 5 story mall selling the ‘best quality’ fake goods. It’s worth checking out if you didn’t pack enough clothes or want to test your bargaining skills.
2017-01-03 16.30.10 2017-01-03 16.30.15 2017-01-03 16.30.37 2017-01-04 19.09.16 2017-01-04 19.11.44

Metro to St. Regis 

After you’ve had your fill of bags and watches of best quality, take the metro to the St. Regis. It costs 2 RMB. Here are the directions per the hotel’s website: The city subway runs directly from Luohu Railway Station to Grand Theatre Metro Station, near the hotel. Once guests disembark at Grand Theatre, they should take Exit B. The hotel is located on the right side of the Kingkey 100 Building.

2017-01-03 16.32.47 getting to hong kong from shenzhen




  1. Once on Shenzhen you will be bothered constantly by young touts trying to to sell to you or go to a particular shop, Do not engage in conversation just totally ignore them.

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