Simply The Best: February 2019


What was the best thing about February? Not leaving Puerto Rico. What else was great? These posts:

  1. Crocosaurus Cove: THE CAGE OF DEATH!

    Today, I was put into a death cage with the most amazing animal in the world, the crocodile.
  2. Vineyard Crawl: My Yarra Valley Wine Tour

    Wine tasting is one of the best excuses to travel all over the world. Yarra Valley wine tasting is a great excuse to binge drink in class.
  3. Supernormal: Where to Eat in Melbourne

    Melbourne is the capital of food. A worthy representative of this moniker is Supernormal which is located on the famous Flinders Lane (not to be confused with Flinders Street).
  4. Guns & Butter: Darwin Travel Guide

    If you haven’t been to the Outback, I suggest going and I would start with Darwin and surrounding areas. Just beware of the crocs!
  5. Litchfield National Park: Swimming with Crocs in the Wild

    Litchfield would be the last opportunity for a croc to snatch me up.
  6. Is Iberia Flying Around with Empty Planes?

    It’s funny to think about pilots showing up each day on this and similar routes to find the plane basically empty due to a points promotion that may have gotten a little bit out of control.
  7. Do You Take Photos of Your Rental Car?

    While many bloggers write Hotel Reviews, few take the time to laud their rental.

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