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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Simply The Best: February 2019

What was the best thing about February? Not leaving Puerto Rico. What else was great? These posts:

  1. Crocosaurus Cove: THE CAGE OF DEATH!

    a crocodile swimming in a tank
    Today, I was put into a death cage with the most amazing animal in the world, the crocodile.
  2. Vineyard Crawl: My Yarra Valley Wine Tour

    a bottle of wine and two wine glasses on a table
    Wine tasting is one of the best excuses to travel all over the world. Yarra Valley wine tasting is a great excuse to binge drink in class.
  3. Supernormal: Where to Eat in Melbourne

    a plate of food and a wine glass on a table
    Melbourne is the capital of food. A worthy representative of this moniker is Supernormal which is located on the famous Flinders Lane (not to be confused with Flinders Street).
  4. Guns & Butter: Darwin Travel Guide

    a man standing in front of a sign
    If you haven’t been to the Outback, I suggest going and I would start with Darwin and surrounding areas. Just beware of the crocs!
  5. Litchfield National Park: Swimming with Crocs in the Wild

    a man in a body of water
    Litchfield would be the last opportunity for a croc to snatch me up.
  6. Is Iberia Flying Around with Empty Planes?

    a row of monitors on an airplane
    It’s funny to think about pilots showing up each day on this and similar routes to find the plane basically empty due to a points promotion that may have gotten a little bit out of control.
  7. Do You Take Photos of Your Rental Car?

    a license plate on a car
    While many bloggers write Hotel Reviews, few take the time to laud their rental.


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