Simply The Best: February 2022


I can’t walk. I can dance. I can also blog. Here’s the best posts from February:

  1. Iberia Business ORD-MAD: Mask Jokes Literally Don’t Fly

    “Tengo que beber más porque no quiero llevar la mascarilla” (I don’t want to drink more, but I do not want to wear a mask).
  2. Punk Royale Copenhagen: Michelin Restaurant on Acid

    Warning: Do not read this if you are going to Copenhagen.
  3. TPOL’s Achilles Rehab Secret: Hydro Revolution

    TPOL is no longer down. He is ever buoyant. You too can be thanks to Hydro Revolution.
  4. Guns & Butter: Ribera Del Duero, Madrid Travel Guide (Vino Edition)

    Though it is only two hours away from Madrid, Ribera del Duero deserves its own post and enough time to see and drink it all.
  5. Inventing Anna v. TPOL: Do You Know Who I Am?

    Don’t be a basic bitch
  6. Movin on Up! . . . to the MetLife Building

    My Abagnale aspirations, minus prison, is one step closer.
  7. How to Earn TPOL Black & Blue Status

    Today’s ire is directed at fellow BA blogger OMAAT and his new website enhancement.

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