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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Simply The Best: October 2019

When I travel, I struggle to publish posts. I used to feel guilty because of my 10:07AM Promise. I know I get annoyed when I try to watch PTI and it’s not on, or worse, when Frank Isola is filling in. I imagine that’s the same discomfort that my readers feel when they come to my page and see nothing new. Going forward, I will announce when I will be indisposed, much like Tony or Mike do when they’re on a 70.5-hour break. I’m grounded for a few days, leaving me time to publish the best posts from October 2019.

  1. “It Is a Complete Scam.”: TPOL Is Quoted in the NYT

    a screenshot of a phone
    While I expected more than a single line to be quoted, as my friend said, “That one sentence sums up the angry Alex we all know and love.”
  2. New Turkish Airlines Lounge Review: I Miss Chuck E. Cheese

    a large building with many people
    I liked the old Turkish Lounge better. This one is grown up and boring. From where a kid can be a kid to this. The magic is gone. Forget Costco, this is more like Sam’s Club. And nobody likes Sam’s.
  3. IC Phoenicia vs Le Vendome Beirut: Either Way, Time to Splurge

    a flag on a pole with a flagpole and cars on the road
    Given the choice, quality, and location I would stay at either the Phoenicia or Vendome. Both are great choices.
  4. Travel Anxiety Sucks: Can It Be Prevented?

    a glass of beer and a cup of coffee on a table
    TPOL’s TIP: A beer and double espresso first thing in the morning is not the cure for travel anxiety.
  5. Guns & Butter: Porto Cervo, Sardinia Travel Guide (Party Edition)

    a group of people on a boat
    Porto Cervo is different from the rest of the island. It is the most expensive. It is the most exclusive. And, if you’re looking for parties, it is the most fun.
  6. For One Night Only: Barcelona Party Guide

    a blurry image of a ferris wheel at night
    Since I was there for one night, I foolishly mortgaged my chiringuito experience for short term fun. This had short term consequences. #hangover
  7. Searching for the Best Shawarma Beirut

    a plate of food on a table
    All the places were nice and the presentation was grand, but I’m sure grandma would laugh at me for being so loose with my money.

Bonus: Here’s the post that received such angry comments: Have a Safe Flight: Could Dumber Words Be Spoken?



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