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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Sneaky Carry-On to Bora Bora

Plastic bags aren’t carry-ons.

“Please take some of the stuff out of your back pack and put it in your checked luggage.” Air Tahiti has a strict AirAsia style rule when it comes to luggage: 5kg for carry-on and 10kg for checked.

The rule doesn’t apply for duty free items which easily weigh over twenty pounds. Six bottles of champagne and white wine along with pounds of beef jerky, peanuts, goldfish, and snack bars do not count towards the weight limit.

If you’ve packed a few too many golf balls and are looking to smuggle them on board, the‎ solution is to stuff them in your “not carry-on” bag of goldfish and proceed to the gate.

Now I’m off to Bora Bora then Moorea to lose said balls.



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