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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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TPOL’S March Madness Bracket: 20 Entrants=Free Flight Giveaway


I’ve had more entries this year than I did last year. And last year I was giving away a free flight to Puerto Rico and a round of golf. This year I decided to give away nothing because no one came last year. I’ll reinstitute the free ticket, up to a $200 value, if I end up with 20 entrants by tip-off tomorrow. If I don’t receive that many, that tells me one of two things: #1 points nerds don’t watch March Madness or #2 people do not actually want to meet me. I hope it’s #2. Stay afraid. Stay away.


Note: There will not be a free round of golf because my comeback date is yet to be determined (see TPOL Is Down). By popular demand, there will be daily free aqua aerobics (see TPOL’s Achilles Rehab Secret: Hydro Revolution).


a glass with ice and a red liquid on a table
Drinks also not included.

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