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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Wait, Am I Under 5/24?

Disclaimer: I am not cool. I don’t have credit card affiliate links. 

100k Chase Sapphire posts are ubiquitous. I ignored them because I assumed that I am over the random, stupid 5/24 rule. After seeing the 100th post saying “best offer ever,” I thought I would check my credit report. If I’m reading it correctly, I’m not only under 5/24 but also way under. I immediately applied and was happy that I was not instantly rejected. The application is under further review. I won’t be calling recon but I will be hoping for approval.

I encourage everyone to check their credit reports as you may be surprised by what you find. For me, the lack of churning is directly attributable to the never-ending pandemic.

a screenshot of a credit card





  1. That’s it? That’s your blog post? You applied for a credit card after finding out you’re under 5/24 and you didn’t get an immediate answer? Really?

    • Yes, that’s it. Keeping you in suspense. The fact that I applied for a chase card and that many people may be under 5/24 is the point.

    • I believe they only pull one. I went off of credit karma to see what accounts were opened and when. That way it wouldn’t make a difference what report they pulled.

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