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Monday, July 22, 2024
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What’s in My Wallet 2022: Audits Welcome

Disclaimer: Not enough people read this blog for me to receive credit card referral $.

I used to obsess over where I spent every dollar. Then I got sloppy (see World of Hyatt Business: Almost Missed $100 Statement Credits Per Year). Now, I’m trying to be responsible and audit my stash of cc’s (see What’s in My Wallet: 2021). Below is what I have. Let me know what I’m doing wrong. Note: Citi just rejected me for the Citi Premier (see Citi Premier Rejection for Being Too Good at Life).

  • Groceries
    • 3X Chase Aero
  • Internet, Cable, Phone 
    • 5X Chase Ink Cash
  • Gas
    • 2X Chase Ink Cash
  • Travel
    • 3X Chase Ink Business Preferred
  • Dining
    • 3X Chase Freedom Flex
  • Drugstore
    • 3X Chase Freedom Flex
  • Shipping
    • 3X Chase Ink Business Preferred
  • Marketing
    • 3X Chase Ink Business Preferred
    • 3X Amex Business Gold (canceled)
  • Marriott
    • 6X Bonvoy Business + Standard rate rooms receive 7% room rate discount
  • Hyatt
    • 9X
      • Chase World of Hyatt Business Spend >$50 twice, 10k to receive 5 qualifying nights
        • TPOL’s Tip: You must spend at least $50 for the rebate to be triggered.
      • Chase World of Hyatt Personal: 15k receive one night free, 5k receive 2 qualifying nights
  • Everything Else
    • 2X Amex Business Plus
  • Revolving 
    • 5X Chase Freedom Flex up to $1500

      a group of credit cards
      Churning since 2011



    • But for living in PR, I would. No Amex at Costco where I buy most of my groceries and most restaurants don’t take Amex. Obviously transfer partners for Amex are great.

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