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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Simply The Best: August 2022

I will be gone most of September. I hope you appreciated these great posts from August.

  1. Did TPOL Buy a 1 Euro Italian Villa?

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    Lawrence Sawyer August 24, 2022 at 4:18 pm said, “Best travel blogger post I’ve ever read…and I’ve been reading blogs and travel hacking since the Frugal Travel Guy was blazing trails. Long live Rick! And keep writing!!”
  2. Vote for Where TPOL Will Move Next And…

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    Question: Who’s got it better than us!? Answer: #notelias
  3. Not Breaking News: Frontier Airlines Sucks

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    Frontier is true hell. To punctuate this point, Frontier offered me $800 to give up my seat back to SJU and fly the next day. When I learned it was in the form of a voucher, I politely declined.
  4. Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico: A Globalist in Name Only

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    Category 4 Hyatts are good enough. Calling this one Grand is a stretch.
  5. Booked! World’s Longest Flight

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    The 18 hour and 50 minute flight aboard an a350 from JFK to SIN is the longest in the world.
  6. 55K Alaskan to Fiji And My New Melbourne Residence

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    The title of this Trip Report is appropriately called Over/Under because I am planning on living in Melbourne for six weeks next spring but am unsure about the odds of that actually happening.
  7. What’s in My Wallet 2022: Audits Welcome

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    I’m trying to be responsible and audit my stash of cc’s.


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