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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Will the Hunt for Status Push Me to Travel?

I had big dreams of retaining status this year (see Becoming Hyatt Globalist Again: TPOL’s Masterpiece StrategyClose to Marriott Titanium Elite: Do You Care, Do I?). Now it’s almost August and I am still 7 stays away from what many would say is useless Titanium status. I am also 7 away from Globalist thanks to my only trip and lovely stay in Miami (see Hyatt Regency Miami: You’re Not Staying Here Anyway).

a screenshot of a progress bar

The good news is that I have 5 e-certs for Marriott. The other good news is that I have almost reached the spend on my Chase Hyatt needed for 6 nights credit, and I have an e-cert for the remaining night to get me to 30. The bad news is the same – I still don’t feel like traveling (see 11 Reasons Why I Still Don’t Want to Travel).

I have been using COVID travel restrictions as an excuse not to go anywhere. The truth is I’ve become too lazy living in Puerto Rico (The Match: TPOL vs. Contreras, Stream Live This AM) to deal with putting together a classic TPOL itinerary (see A $60,000 Trip to Tahiti, On Sale for $1999). For those that forgot what those look like, here is a quick refresher:


a table of data with numbers and text

It’s hard not to get inspired looking at those beautiful colors. Then again, just about every destination on this list is off-limits. What’s a travel blogger to do? (see What’s a Travel Blog Without Travel?)


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