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Monday, July 22, 2024
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2024 Residencies Announced! Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town

2024 Residencies are part of the Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town Residency Directory. Read Vote for Where TPOL Will Move Next And… and TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency? to understand this innovative residency phenomenon.

I have completed three residencies thus far: Madrid, Melbourne, and Bangkok. All were in 2023. All were a great success. To keep the party going, I consulted the list of possible candidates and came up with three cities I have visited before: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Cape Town.  The plan is to spend 6 weeks in each city living, eating, drinking, and enjoying my life as a local. The first trip will be to Barcelona in the summer followed by a joint a back-to-back residency of Buenos Aires and Cape Town in the fall and winter.

I will provide the details of air travel and long-term accommodations as the process unfolds. Of course, like moving to Albania (see Canceled! TPOL’s Move to Albania), everything is subject to change.

a man standing on a ledge with a marina and boats in the background
Post GM firing in Barcelona 2011.
a man holding a bottle of wine
Post Weisberg Meyers Firing in 2013. My last time working for someone excluding the 2014 Mongolia debacle.
a man standing on a platform with a city in the background
TPOL’s Tip: Do not trek Table Mountain in flip-flops and with no water.




  1. I never give exact dates because for fear of the saboteurs. Let me know when you’re there and we’ll chat on an encrypted line lol.

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