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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Golf Is Back in PR: Safe to Share Tees?

Golf Is Back is part of The Lost & Found Years(s) Trip Report.

Finally, we can golf again, though surfing is still TBD. Carts are still not allowed, leaving me to walk with my clubs (and beer) in hand. Below are the questions I have for the CDC. I am being somewhat facetious when I ask them, but in this day of misinformation who knows what’s crazy and what’s contagious. 

  1. If I see a stray ball, do I pick it up? Or is it COVID?
  2. On par 3’s, can I use someone else’s tee that has been left behind? Or Is it COVID? 
  3. Can I give myself a gimmie once I’m on the green? Or do I have to putt it out and risk COVID from taking the ball out of the cup? 
  4. Cigars? Or will I succumb to COVID? 
  5. Will the Clown in Chief invoke the Defense Production Act to make more Clicgear 4.0 push-carts? They are sold out in the entire United States. 
a man standing on a golf course
A beautiful day to think of everything but COVID.

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