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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Hyatt Place Miami Airport: Careful, There’s East & West!

Hyatt Place Miami Airport is part of the Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report.

For those of you just joining, let’s catch up on how I got here. I booked Trinidad Carnival Last Second. I enjoyed every minute of it. I left for Grenada to detox. I got hurt and decided to go home. I had a one night layover in Miami and then it was back to Puerto Rico. To recap, everything went right, then everything went wrong.

Hyatt Place Miami Airport

I booked the Hyatt Place Miami Airport on points. I waited for the shuttle which came quickly (see Complaint Of The Day: Hotel to Airport Shuttles) and tried to check-in. The hotel couldn’t find my reservation. I pulled it up on my phone and showed it to the front desk. He said, “This is Hyatt Place Miami Airport East. You booked Hyatt Place Miami Airport West/Doral.” Attention to detail has been an issue in the past. I have gone to the Four Points Midtown West only to find out that I was staying at the Four Points Midtown – Times Square. Why have hotels with the same brand and almost the same descriptor in the name?

a white van with a person sitting in it
Welcome to a different place? See below, what’s so different?

a white van parked in a parking lot


I picked an airport hotel because I wanted to take advantage of the free shuttle. Paying another $30 for Uber in addition the $624 I blew on my exodus flight would underscore how irresponsible this trip had become. I called the Hyatt Place Miami Airport West. They told me that I could use their free shuttle if I went back to the airport, or that if I showed them a receipt, they would reimburse me for the taxi. I chose the latter.

Free Points 

Upon arriving, I explained my confusion to the front desk. Since this was clearly my fault, I wasn’t complaining as I have been known to do (see Have You Ever Not Complained?). I was simply making the point that the hotels should have more distinguishable names or that the airport transfer should warn riders that they need to check their reservation to make sure it is east or west. Apparently, this is a known problem between the Biggie 2PAC Hyatt Place. Unprompted, the front desk credited me 4,000 points which was half the redemption rate.

Hyatt Place Photos 

Do you really want to see photos of this hotel? Or can you click on all my Hyatt Place reviews and enjoy those? Here are the photos in case you are indecisive.

a room with a tv and a table a couch with a stool and a painting on the wall a desk and chair in a room a bed with white sheets and pillows a group of bottles of shampoo and some packages of cotton pads a shower with a handrail


Make sure you’re going to the right Hyatt Place Airport hotel. a sign on a wall




  1. I stayed at this same Hyatt Place Doral a few months ago when I was in Miami for job training.
    Did not know there were two of them till I read this article and looks like if I booked the wrong one I would have had a 20-30min drive each way compared to the 2 min walk to the office.
    Definitely loved the variety of food places in the general vicinity of the hotel.

    This also reminds me of the JR hotels in Fukuoka Japan.. there’s a Blossom Fukuoka on the east side of Hakata Station and a Blossom Hakata on the west side.

  2. Ah, my old hometown. I stayed at both a couple of years ago while doing a mattress run for Diamond status. East has pretty much nothing happening but has a decent indoor pool. It sometimes gets cold even in Miami. West has more restaurants and whatnot within walking distance. The pool is outdoors, so weather and seasonality are bigger factors there. Both have standard Hyatt Place rooms. If you’re just staying for one night and don’t plan on leaving the hotel, East is a little closer to the passenger area.

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