Simply The Best: April 2022


Oh look another month has gone by. Here’s the best from April.

  1. 25,000 Mile RTW Trip Including Iraq Booked!

    I’m happy to get back on the road again. #duckcovid #nomaskonplanes And One more thing, I booked this for two people. #dynomite #youvestillgotit
  2. The Urban Turban Has Launched: Buy One Today! [Limited Inventory]

    Who knows if this idea will work, but how many people do you know could pull this off? The answer is one.
  3. Guns & Butter: Conwy, Wales Travel Guide

    Wales is a perfect example of a place that is not a country by the standard definition, but it should be for a plethora of reasons.
  4. 100 GBP Carry-On Bags? Scammed by Ryanair &

    If I have to fly Ryanair again, I would rather pay more and book directly than book through a third-party site and go through this nonsense.
  5. Priority Pass Manchester: Do You Have a Reservation?

    Requiring reservations and controlling where people sit in a lounge does nothing to stop the spread of Covid. We will look back and wonder why we had these nonsensical measures.
  6. Scam Covid Test #2: Leaving the UK

    How much money is being made off of these tests?
  7. Remedial Reminder: Put Your Rewards Account Number in Your Credit App

    Here’s a post that will yield more people telling me how stupid I am.

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