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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Simply The Best: September 2023

I was too busy on my Still The Best Trip to post in September. I was gone for so long that a reader wrote, “I am in TPOL withdrawal! Will he return?.” Well, I’m back, for now (see TPOL’s Back!). Here is the best from September:

  1. Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife: Well That Sucked

    a group of people outside of a building with neon signs
    I thought that Playa de Las Americas was going to be a unique party place. It was not.
  2. Michelin Sushi Tenerife: $375 Worth Spent?

    food on a plate
    The next morning I woke wondering if $375 for sushi was worth it.
  3. Iberia San Juan to Madrid: Una Vez Mas

    a screen on a wall
    Iberia is consistently great and convenient.
  4. Ritz Carlton Tenerife: We’ll Make It Better, The Second Time Around

    a large building with a pool and plants
    I will not be returning to Tenerife. If you do go, go to the Ritz Carlton and stay put.
  5. Stuck on a Deserted Island? TPOL’s Trouble in Cabo Verde

    a screenshot of a computer
    Upon checking in, I was told that inter-island flights fill up quickly and are unreliable when they are available. I was also told that the ferry is a nightmare, is unpredictable, uncomfortable, and can take a whole day. My heart sank.
  6. En Route: Iberia’s Domestic Lounge Madrid

    a sign on a glass wall
    This was a nice place to relax and refuel before my flight to Tenerife.
  7. Binter Canarias: The Official Tenerife to Cabo Verde Flight Review

    a large airplane with a group of people standing around
    Have you flown Binter Canarias? I am going to guess no.


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