SQ Business Melbourne to Wellington: Worth It?


SQ Business Melbourne Wellington Flight Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

I booked this flight in the literal sense at the 11th hour. Was 33k Lifemiles‎ worth it for a 3:35 flight? Let’s find out.SQ Business Melbourne Wellington Flight Review

Fork in the road


SeatGuru said there were various versions of this 777 plane. Some with lie flat seating, but the default one was angle. I thought I could luck out and get lie flat like I did on Etihad from Cairo to Abu Dhabi. I did not.

Obviously, I’ll take angle flat over 737 recliner, but all angle flats need to be phased out. It’s like sleeping on the side of a mountain. Use your eagle talons to hold one to the chair, lest you slip onto the floor.


I was exhausted and debated sleeping through the meal service like I did on Cathay Business to Sydney. I fought through that Blog Malpractice because I had worked so hard to get this flight. The least I could do is try the breakfast noodles. It was worth it.


Noodle review complete, it was time to sleep. I woke up to the flight attendant request that I change the angle from 160 to 90.

Worth It?

I was so tired I would’ve been able to sleep standing up in economy. I still think it was worth burning the points because the convenient flight schedule allowed me to make my connection to Blenheim. I would’ve preferred to spend 20k Avios on business, but that was not an option.


There’s SQ Business then there’s SQ business. This was the former.


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