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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The Knockout: The Winner’s Bracket of Where to Stay in Vegas

Vegas baby! Vegas! It’s time to kickoff the NFL season the right way- by losing all your money on a four team parlay!

NCAAF but parlay excitement!

If that parlay does hit, then you’ll need to abandon your accommodations at the Super 8 and make your way down to the famous Las Vegas Strip. Once there, you may be overwhelmed by the pretty lights, the towering hotels, and the weird people flicking cards promising a 30 minutes or less room service guarantee.

To make it easy for my Vegas virgins and frequent Vegas travelers alike, I am writing a comprehensive hotel review of all the places I have stayed in Vegas. In keeping with the theme of March Madness, I have setup a bracket of 28 hotels, each going head to head, round by round, one match up a day until the winner is declared.

The consolation prize of being knocked out is a candid review about the hotel that will either encourage or discourage you the reader from frequenting that establishment.

The following is the criteria for seeding and advancement. Your tastes and preferences may be different.

1. The Location

2. The Fun

3. The Sportsbook

4. The Luxury

5. The Value

6. The Food

Why isn’t gambling on the list!? Apart from betting on sports, I hardly gamble when I’m in Vegas. But, rest assured, you can lose your money just as easily in most of the hotels that are reviewed.

Without further ado, here is the seeding for the Winner’s Bracket of Where to Stay in Las Vegas.


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