Eva Air Lounge Taipei: Don’t Arrive Early


Eva Air Lounge Review Taipei is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

Sometimes I enjoy spending all day at the lounge (see Air New Zealand Lounge Auckland: Sit Back & RelaxAmex LAS Centurion Lounge: The Full Day Freeloader Review, & AA Admirals Club JFK Gate 42: Here All Day). I thought that would be the case in Taipei when I visited the EVA Air lounge. It was not. Based on all the great things I heard about the airline’s business class product, I expected the same from the lounge. Instead, I found a basic lounge with basic amenities.

I never would’ve known it judging from the outside.

No Beds

There was no place to lay my head. That was a surprise.


Haagen Daz and hot dogs over and over (see Delta Sky Club JFK: Hot Dog Eating Contest).


I started my journey on August 3rd going from Newark to Brussels on United Polaris. It was now the end of September. The desire to drink had passed, to say the least. Even if I wanted to have a cocktail, I would have to be pretty desperate to resort to Jose Cuervo.

More Food

With nothing to do, I kept eating.

The Lounge Itself 

The rest of the time I wondered who designed this hideous, futuristic lounge.

eva air lounge review eva air lounge review eva air lounge review


If I was here for a couple of hours, I probably would have been satisfied with what it offers. Staying all day was not my idea of a great lounge time (see Skipping Airport Lounges with No Regrets).

Eva Air Lounge Review Taipei is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.


    • It could’ve been Hennessy Paradis and I still would have struggled to have a drink at that point. There’s a reason I have a picture of Jose and a separate picture of Kavalan. Jose being a joke, Kavalan and Glen, being the top shelf alternatives. But as usual, the blog world is up in arms!

  1. Eva has a separate lounge for star alliance gold with several sleeper chairs. But I agree, no need to arrive early for these lounges.

  2. Can’t drink six weeks in a row? I had more faith in you than that. I come to this blog to read stories of good travel and debauchery. Color me disappointed.

    TBH, Cuervo is probably what you needed to jolt yourself back on track. You know I’m probably right.

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