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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Lamenting Labor Day 2020: A Look Back at Better Days

Lamenting Labor Day is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): Covid Trip Report.

I have not left this island since January, and it looks like I won’t go anywhere internationally until the middle of 2021 at the earliest. Labor Day used to be a day off from the grind, a day to appreciate doing nothing. As a professional blogger, TPOL can’t rest so Labor Day does not bring the same relief as it may to cubicle employees who have not bought my book (buy Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine). Still, doing nothing today by default is not my idea of a good time. I perused my Labor Day photos from the last 10 years and here’s what I found.

2019: Shanghai, China: I’m confused why life is normal over there now but it seems to be.

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2018: The day after Labor Day, I visited Rio Mar to tour the facilities. It would become my home (see House Hunters Puerto Rico: TPOL Finds His Home).

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2017: Remember college football (see Sorry Harbaugh, College Football Should Be Cancelled)? I was at the Michigan game opening weekend (see Michigan vs Florida: A Review Of Cowboy Stadium).

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2016: I don’t remember it. I was drugged in Medellin, Colombia (see Mystery Solved: TPOL’s Disappearance in Medellin).

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2015: I was leaving Mexico City (see Guns & Butter: Mexico City Travel Guide).

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2014: I was living in Ulaanbaatar (see Miserable Mongolia Trip Report).

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2013: I was in Seattle.

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2012: I was in Miami. I was also a professor of law at the time.

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2011: I was at the W Scottsdale. Look at all these dudes packed together.

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2010: I was working as a lawyer in Shanghai. Here was my view:

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The last decade has been a great ride (Happy New Year from TPOL: The Year & Hindsight Is 2020), but I never knew or could anticipate how much 2020 would suck.

Happy Labor Day 2020!



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