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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2023

The Festivus tradition continues in 2023. New year, same negative people saying negative things. God bless them, nonetheless.

Did Lars make the cut? In the Festivus 2022 post, he said he would try, “I’m going to try and talk some quality trash in your direction via the comments in 2023 in hopes of making next year’s rendition of Festivus! It won’t be easy as I can see there’s going to be some quality competition!”

Let’s find out:

Cheaters! Spartan Stadium Review

  • Bob Jones: Uhhh Michigan stole signals from both the offense and defense… nice try insulting them and making yourself look ridiculous though. What kind of education did you get?
  • SS: Insults alienate readers, just sayin’. . I have good friends from both schools and cheer for both …. each have up years and down years … Rivalry can be good natured fun but when privilege generates arrogance, karma remembers. Hashtag The Gift Six

TPOL Is Down, The Website, Not the Achilles

  • linmoron: let the site die. its shit anyway…

TPOL’s Back!

  • JMC: What a useless waste of space on Boarding Area.

Don’t Come to Puerto Rico (To Party)

  • Aaron: Bahaha. So YOURE one of those who wear a mask alone while driving. I’m not surprised

Not My Fault: Tenerife Airport, North Or South?

  • Aaron: PRIOR TO BOOKING, YOU WERE TOLD by your friends. But you still oops. Your faults. Secondly, you didn’t mention you were searching via third party website (hence QSuite) instead of direct booking with IB. It’s still POOR PLANNING. YOUR FAULTS. STOP WHINING

Remember When? Scam Covid Test #3: Leaving Malta

  • derek:I strongly disagree with the article. The author says Covid testing was a money grab. That remains to be seen because I don’t think the companies providing testing lobbied the government to require testing. On the other hand, I see an angry author who was a potential cause of the problem. See ” I had been all over Europe living life as intended : mask-free. I even went to bars with no social distancing (see Guns & Butter: Copenhagen Travel Guide)! Who knows how many strains of Covid I had been exposed to and if I was infected”. That author was at risk to bringing more Covid into the US and other countries. Early in the pandemic, there were more cases than countries could handle so adding more cases from travelers was the last thing needed. A nice thing that could have been done was for there to be easy rebooking of tickets if you did test positive.

Puerto Rico to Jamaica: Oh No, Not Spirit! Wait, Why Am I Connecting through Panama?

  • Babblespeak: Yeah, I “now” how far Puerto Rico is from Jamaica. I also “now” it’s really condescending for a travel blogger to assume I don’t because he/she doesn’t. But, you got my click, so mission accomplished.

March Madness: If UConn Wins Steven Comes, Otherwise It’s a Free Uber

  • Mid-Major: What kind of soulless human says “Hell yeah! Another Final Four with Duke and Kansas!”??? And who gives a flying eff that ratings may be low? Are you a mediocre travel blogger, or a CBS ad executive? You being mad that FAU and SDSU have crashed the Final Four is a massive tell that you threw tantrums when it was time to share toys during kindergarten play time.
  • Mid-Major: Enjoy rooting for UConn to win its fifth title. I’ll be over here rooting for one of the other three win their first, and wondering which mid-major schools sent you rejection letters to make you hate them all so much…

Citi’s Pointless 2k Limit Thank You, No Thank You Card

  • Aaron: Oh poor you! How dare Citi not giving you $200,000 CL? Does Citi not know who & what you are? You should file a complaint with CFPB and you should sue CitiBank and or any bank that dares to give you “undesirable” CL due to your “status”

Junk Burger Madrid: Way Better Than Shake Shack

  • JD: And why would someone go to Madrid to have burgers? Geez…

Iraq Visa on Arrival: Take a Seat, Hand Over Some Cash, Then Exit

  • TJ: You wouldn’t be so snarky if you knew how foreigners are treated at the US border. Many immigration officers at the airport thrive on making people miserable. And the travelers already have visas.

One Stop Closer to Iraq: Priority Pass Vilnius Lounge Review

  • Jo: If you can described sandwiches on you pic as not bad then I suspect you don’t know much about food. And not to try Devynerior 999 on offer is plain stupid. But then I do find the tone of your blog arrogant. And arrogance goes hand in hand with ignorance. Don’t bother to reply, not likely to visit your idiotic blog again.

I’m Marriott Lifetime Platinum Elite!

  • Dom: By attaining Lifetime Titanium with Marriott, I no longer have to worry about Platinums.
    • Ghostrider5408: Dom ” I love it!”

Michigan Loses on NYE: Suing ESPN for Emotional Distress

  • James: What an absolute waste of space on Boarding Area.

Medellin: Wrong Airport, Bad Uber Location, What’s Next?

  • Ron Mexico: Wrong airport … Drugged in Medellin … No visa and denied boarding to Doha. I’ve never met points god Randy Peterson, but I can’t imagine he woke up one day thinking “Ya know what Boarding Area is missing? An absolute bumbling fool, blogging about his (unfunny) comedy of errors while simultaneously offering zero value to avid travelers!” Congrats on whatever deal you struck with the devil to secure this public forum for your misadventures. May the affiliate revenue continue to flow like wine in 2023…

Epic Failure: Denied Boarding for the World Cup

  • ken: a tip: stop being so cheap . If you bought the credit on skype and called them right after hilton booking, things would have been different
a man in boxing gloves and a man in boxing gloves
Dear shit talkers, let’s have The Feats of Strength in the ring!

Here are the previous Festivus posts. You’ll notice that the same people have stayed with me through the years, especially the ‘nasty woman’ linmoron. Maybe I should be thankful for their support.



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