Simply The Best: TPOL in 2018


Happy New Year from your favorite travel blogger and world explorer. And Happy New Year from TPOL. 2018 is in the books, but that doesn’t mean I won’t dwell on all the ass-kicking I did last year. Here are the top posts from the year and one selected post per month:

Simply The Best: January 2018 

When you think garbage, you think Akeem. When you think TPOL, you think champagne [Emirates a380 silent disco video]. When you think Zanzibar, you think Freddie Mercury. Put it all together and you end up with this celebration.
Simply The Best: February 2018

“Dear TPOL, you are smart, brilliant, and witty. You are fantastic. Unfortunately, there were other applicants that were better than you.“

Simply The Best: March 2018

Virgin, Virgin, Virgin. There are virgins everywhere. First, it was the Virgin Clubhouse in JNB. Then it was the Virgin flight from JNB to LHR. Then it was Pee Wee’s Virgin Clubhouse in LHR. Now, it’s one more touch of purity before I land in SFO and ditch this pig prop forever.

Simply The Best: April 2018

TPOL is a liar and a leaker! In my post, Vote Where TPOL Moves Next And I’ll Go There, the winner was Tirana, Albania. There was NO COLLUSION. I repeat, NO COLLUSION. The voters spoke and spoke decisively. So why am I moving to Puerto Rico, effective immediately?

Simply The Best: May 2018

As with all my trips, I like to publish the Excel of how much I spent in points, how much I paid in cash, and the retail value of the trip.

Simply The Best: June 2018

Simply The Best: July 2018

Read the comments! People are nuts.

Simply The Best: August 2018

Simply The Best: September 2018

  • Thank You Trump! Best Marriott Anniversary Night Redemption

    The only hotel I found that qualified for my anniversary certificate was the Fairfield Inn New York Manhattan/Financial District. The hotel usually goes for $200 a night, but thanks to the nations united, it can be yours for the retail price of $800, before tax.

Simply The Best: October 2018

  • The Etiquette of Things: Playing Your Music in Public

    Today’s entry focuses on the developing trend of people not respecting the personal space of others. I see it all the time at airport lounges where guests think that the entire lounge is their own office. I witness it in hotel lounges where parents don’t care to monitor their unruly children. And today, I dealt with it in the jacuzzi at a beach resort.

Simply The Best: November 2018

  • House Hunters Puerto Rico: Say No to Condado

    All I heard before coming here was how nice Condado is, how everyone who’s anyone lives in Condado, and that I, despite my desire to join Dorado Beach, would be making a mistake if I didn’t buy in Condado.

Simply The Best: December 2018


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